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One of the most important and essential services in a beauty salon is bleaching. Bleaching consists of removing pigment in order to achieve a lighter shade. It can be a complete coloring treatment in itself or a preliminary treatment to prepare the hair for the application of tints.

As a coloring treatment, it is used to lighten and brighten the hair as many shades as desired.

As a pre-softening treatment, it is used to make the hair porous enough to be receptive to tints.

As a pre-bleaching treatment, it is used when a penetrating tint that is lighter than the natural shade of hair is to be applied. For example, it is always necessary before Clairol Creme Toners are applied. (See

Chapter 9.)


Now that hair is lightened for so many different purposes, specialized bleaches suited to the particular needs of the hairdresser and the patron's type of hair have been developed to make your work easier and faster ... to give the patron new comfort, more beautiful results than ever before possible. Clairol research has led the way by developing a line which now consists of five different bleaches:


Most popular are the all-purpose creme bleaches which are easiest to apply and more versatile than all other types. Today, Clairol makes three in this Lady Clairol group. Though one is the out-growth of another, none have lagged in popularity because each has special features that make it superior for specific cases.

Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol Cremogenized Hair Lightener is Clairol's newest bleach. Designed to produce superior pre-bleaching results with greater ease, Ultra-Blue represents such an outstanding advance in every aspect of bleaching that it is setting new standards for the entire beauty industry. Without question, it is also the most com­ fortable bleach yet developed.

When 1-3 envelopes of Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol Protinator are added to an Ultra-Blue mixture, you get lighter, faster blonding results and hair is left in better condition than ever before possible—ready for delicate toner color. You will find comfort is not reduced when the Protinator is added. Both Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol and the Protinator contain blue to give you the first bleach with double drabbing action. You will find that these same features also make Ultra-Blue an outstanding all-purpose bleach.

Prepared in either applicator or bowl, Ultra-Blue mixes to a rich creme consistency almost immediately. The Protinator dissolves at once to assure a mixture that is always uniform. (Do not use a substitute with Ultra-Blue.) Easy to control when applied with applicator or narrow fiber brush, mixture will not run, drip or dry out during its full 2-hour period of bleaching action.

Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol Protinator is unlike any other product used in conjunction with bleaches. It was especially formulated for use with Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol. It should not be mixed with any other hair lightener. In mixture, it conditions the protein structure of the hair while it increases the lightening and drabbing ability of the bleach.

Lady Clairol Whipped Creme Hair Lightener is ClairoPs first creme hair lightener and still a favorite. It is easily whipped to the creme consistency desired for every lightening purpose. Mixed with developer, it is used to lighten and brighten. With the contents of 1-2 Lightening Booster envelopes added, it has the extra speed and bleaching action needed to pre-bleach hair and make it porous enough for application of toner. It is applied with a narrow fiber brush.

Instant Whip Lady Clairol Creme Hair Lightener is an all- purpose creme bleach like Lady Clairol Whipped Creme Hair Lightener, but is faster to use. Mixed in bowl, it stirs to creme consistency in sec­ onds. Mixed in applicator, brief shaking makes it creamy. Adding Light­ ening Booster increases its speed and lightening action the degree required for each bleaching job. It is applied with applicator or narrow fiber brush. Lady Clairol Lightening Booster

One or two envelopes of Lightening Booster are added to Lady Clairol or Instant Whip whenever either is used to pre-bleach hair for toning. Lightening Booster increases the speed and the bleaching action of both. It is never used with Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol.


CLAIROLITE is a mild oil bleach used to lighten and brighten hair in a simple one-step treatment. Four of the shades add temporary color highlights as they bleach. These colors are certified and may be used without a patch test. Those allergic to tints may use them. Neutral adds no color and so is frequently used to pre-soften hair for tint application. Colors and the results they produce are listed below:

Gold No. 1 Lightens and adds gold highlights.

Silver No. 2 Lightens and adds ash highlights that minimize un­ wanted red and gold tones.

Red No. 3 Lightens and adds red highlights.

Neutral No. 4 Contains no color, simply lightens.

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