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Sparkling Lightens and adds silvery highlights that minimize

Silver No. 5 unwanted red and gold tones.

CLAIROL BLUE LIGHTENING is an all-purpose bleach in pow­der form. It contains Blue-Lite, an exclusive Clairol ingredient, which gives it greater speed, bleaching and drabbing action than other powder bleaches. Blue Lightening is used whenever extensive bleaching is re­ quired and hair is strong and in good condition. For example: Frosting, Tipping, Streaking, pre-bleaching extremely resistant, strong dark hair for toning and stripping tint to make a change to a lighter shade.


When a pre-softener is applied to the hair it softens and loosens the cuticle layer, making it porous enough for the tint to enter the cortex more easily. Pre-softening is often necessary because the hair structure is resistant to coloring.

For pre-softening, a diluted bleach solution is used. The mixture is usually left on the hair from 5 to 20 minutes. This is not long enough to cause any appreciable change in color, but it makes the hair more receptive to the tint color.


Any of the three Lady Clairol bleaches or Clairolite may be used for pre-softening. Note that the following pre-softening formulas are mixed with a greater amount of developer—

  • Instant Whip or Lady Clairol Whipped Creme Hair Lightener
    highly diluted with developer. For example: ¼ oz. Instant Whip
    to 1-2 ozs. Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer.
  • Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol or Clairolite highly diluted with de­
    veloper. For example: ¼ oz. Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol to 1 oz.
    Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer.


Pre-bleaching is necessary if the tint shade is to be lighter than the natural coloring, except when using Miss Clairol. It is not to be confused with the more extensive pre-bleaching required before application of high fashion blonde toners.

A regular-strength mixture is used. The mixture is usually left on from 10 to 20 minutes. The length of time depends upon the degree of light­ ness desired, and the natural texture of the hair. Coarser hair needs more pre-bleaching time. MIXTURES USED FOR PRE-BLEACHING BEFORE TINTING:

If the hair is not difficult to bleach use 1 part Clairolite or Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol and 2 parts developer. Mix 1 part Lady Clairol Whipped Creme Hair Lightener or Instant Whip Lady Clairol and 2 parts Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer. If using Lady Clairol Creme Hair Lightener, do not whip, simply stir as you would for other Lady Clairol mixtures. Instant Whip or Ultra-Blue may be mixed and applied with applicator.


Many times bleaching is a complete coloring treatment in itself. In such instances a new color is obtained by removing pigment from hair. As pigment is removed, the hair goes through many changing stages of color as it lightens. The amount of change depends upon the amount of time the bleach is left on and the pigmentation of the hair.

For instance, a natural head of black hair will go from black to brown, to red, to red-gold, to gold, to yellow, and finally to the almost white stage.

This progression is frequently forgotten and leads to misconceptions on the part of hairdressers who feel that stronger bleaches impart red color. This is not the case. What happens is that stronger bleaches reach the red-gold stage of lightening more quickly, while the oil bleaches are slower, and consequently do not reach the same stage in a comparable length of time.

To select the right bleach and the best mixture for the degree of color change desired, see the Lady Clairol comparison chart and the mixing instructions that follow.



1. Pour 4 ounces Clairoxide in appli­ cator. 2. When Ultra-Blue Protinator is to be used for added speed and bleaching action, make sure it is finely powdered by squeezing the envelope. 3. Then pour the Ultra- Blue Protinator in the applicator. 4. Cover top and shake twice. 5. Add 2 ounces Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol. 6. Now shake vigorously for 20 sec­ onds. Combine in same order when Protinator is not used. When using bowl and brush, combine ingredi­ ents in same order, then stir for 30 seconds or until mixture is thick and creamy.


When using Pure White Creme De­ veloper in the applicator, put the Ultra-Blue Lady Clairol in the bottle first. If Protinator is used, pour in next and shake mixture thoroughly before adding the Pure White. Com­ bine in same order when mixing in bowl.


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