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Today, temporary color rinses are experiencing an amazing growth in popularity. This is largely true because of the great strides that have been made in the performance of such products.

Come Alive Rinses by Clairol are perfect examples of superior, modern temporary hair coloring. They make it quick, easy and inexpensive for you to give patrons beautiful, evenly gray hair ... without any of the problems that accompany the use of old-fashioned temporary rinses. And the timid patron does not shy away from temporary rinses because she knows they can easily be shampooed out.

It is easy and profitable to sell patrons on using Come Alive Rinses when they have their regular shampoo and set. One treatment shows them what a beautiful difference these new rinses make. One to two weeks of wearing a Come Alive Rinse between shampoos does more than words to prove that the color will not wear off until it is shampooed out.


Come Alive Gray Rinses give highlights and sheen to all kinds of gray hair and make gray hair a more beautiful gray. There are four beautiful shades:

White Sapphire

Silver Diamond

Black Pearl

Midnight Opal

Come Alive Gray is a specially designed rinse which makes gray hair look beautifully gray. It banishes yellow discoloration and gives gray hair a rich, even tone, an iridescent quality that can make it so attrac­tive. And Come Alive Gray adds no blue or purple* tones.


  • COME ALIVE GRAY comes in 4 shades that stay color-true until
    shampooed out. There's one shade that's right for every type of
    gray hair—white, almost-white, gray and salt-and-pepper.
  • COME ALIVE GRAY is quick and easy to use—takes just 2 to 5
  • COME ALIVE GRAY adds beautiful iridescent colors to gray or
    white hair. The colors range from light platinum to smoky gray
  • COME ALIVE GRAY de-emphasizes the gray in salt-and-pepper
  • COME ALIVE GRAY highlights and brightens gray, white or
    salt-and-pepper hair that has become dull, drab or mousey.
  • COME ALIVE GRAY leaves the hair shining with youthful
    radiance . . . takes the grimness out of gray.
  • COME ALIVE GRAY conditions the texture of the hair . .. leaves
    it silky-soft, shining with life and vitality.
  • COME ALIVE GRAY makes hair easy to manage.
  • COME ALIVE GRAY banishes all yellow from gray or white
    hair. (Yellow is the unsightly discoloration that occurs mostly
    in almost-white, white or steel gray tones.)

10. COME ALIVE GRAY leaves no blue or purple cast—just clear lustrous beauty.


Come Alive Gray comes in 4 shades:

1. WHITE SAPPHIRE — This is the lightest shade. It adds a bril-

liant pearly glow to white and almost- white hair.

2. SILVER DIAMOND — This is a medium shade. It polishes white

and gray hair to gleaming silver.

3. BLACK PEARL — This a deep shade. It adds sparkle as it

evens tones of salt-and-pepper gray.

4. MIDNIGHT OPAL — This is the deepest shade. It adds lustre

as it conceals gray with rich, smoky tones.


With the exception of Midnight Opal, these colors can be mixed together for greater variation. For instance: —

  • Mix White Sapphire with Silver Diamond for a shade half-way
    between Platinum and Silver.
  • Mix White Sapphire with Black Pearl for a shade half-way be­
    tween Platinum and Smoky Gray.
  • Mix Silver Diamond with Black Pearl for a shade half-way be­
    tween Silver and Smoky Gray.

These shades can be modified by varying the quantities of each that are used.


Come Alive Rinses are mixed and applied just like any other rinse. Here are the basic steps to remember in giving successful Come Alive treatments:

1. Select the right color.

Find the color you want in the Color Selector Chart.

2. Shampoo the hair.

Give a thorough shampoo as you do before any other rinse. While your patron is at the shampoo board with her head tilted back, remove all excess water with a towel.

  • Shake bottle of Come Alive Rinse before using. It is important to
    shake all colors well to be certain you get their full value when
  • Mix color with HOT WATER.

Mix Come Alive Rinse according to the formula on the bottle. The



1 • Shampoo and rinse hair. Remove excess water with towel.


2. Tap Come Alive Rinse into glass graduate or dish. Add hot water.


3. Apply to hair. Start nearest to scalp, and work to­ ward ends. Make sure all strands are saturated. If ends are porous, dilute mixture before applying to ends. After applying, comb the hair thoroughly for even color distribution.


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