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4. Time the development. Allow Come Alive Rinse to remain on the hair from 2 to 5 minutes to get the full effect of the iridescent colors. For a deep shade, use the full 5 minutes.


5. Rinse thoroughly. Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water until the water runs clear. A thorough final rinse is important. total amount of coloring mixture (Come Alive Rinse plus hot water) should be approximately 3 to 4 ounces. Make sure you use enough to thoroughly saturate the hair. It is important to use hot water. The hotter the water, the better the results. Make the water as hot as possible without it being uncomfortable to your patron.

5. Measure Carefully.

Be sure to dilute Come Alive rinse accurately. Each tap of the automatic dispenser measures ¼ ounce. Tap Come Alive rinse into a glass of plastic measuring cup, a graduate or a Miss Clairol Plastic Applicator so that you can measure accurately the amount of water added. Mix with hot water according to the formula on the bottle. It is advisable to keep a record card just as you do in regular tinting. This will show you the proportions you have used and will enable you to repeat the same shade on the patron each week.

6. Apply to hair.

Start on the portion of the hair nearest the scalp, and work to­ ward the ends. You may use a brush, cotton swab, or plastic applicator. Make sure that all strands are saturated. If ends are porous, dilute the mixture just before applying it to the ends. After applying, comb the hair thoroughly for even color distribu­ tion.

7. Time the development.

You may work the Come Alive mixture through the hair like any other rinse. But to get the full effect of the iridescent colors and best wearing qualities, allow Come Alive rinse to remain on the hair from 2 to 5 minutes. For a deep shade, use the full 5 minutes.

8. Rinse thoroughly.

Rinse the hair thoroughly with warm water until the rinse water runs clear. A thorough final rinse is important. Thorough rinsing will help keep Come Alive rinse from rubbing off.


In addition to glamorizing gray and white hair, Come Alive Gray may, also, be used for the following purposes:

1. An "in-between" toning treatment on Silver or Ash Blonde hair. Come Alive Gray may be applied to Silver, Ash or Platinum Blonde hair during the regular weekly shampoo. It will revitalize the color and avoid any faded look which might develop from retouch to retouch.

Use White Sapphire if the patron has been toned with a light Platinum shade, White or Platinum Beige.

Apply Silver Diamond if a light Silver, Silvery Ash or Light Ash Blonde toner has been used.

Use Black Pearl if your patron has been toned with a dark Ash Blonde or a deep Smoky Silver.

2. To tone hair after bleaching

(a) Come Alive Gray is most useful when hair is being bleached
or stripped, and the patron must be sent home before the
decolorizing process is complete. The hair may be made pre­
sentable by a temporary Come Alive Gray toning treatment
which will last until the next visit.

Use White Sapphire if you wish to keep the hair as light as possible. Use Silver Diamond if you want some depth of color or if there is a great deal of gold or brassiness.

(b) Come Alive Gray can be used as a toner on women who may
be sensitive to regular tints. However, with sensitive patrons
always give a patch test before using Come Alive Gray.

3. To Drab Red or Gold tones

Come Alive Gray may be used to drab red or gold tones caused by sun-bleaching or permanent waving. It can also be used to modify red or gold tones on tinted hair, between treatments or after treatments.

4. As an Inexpensive Toner

Come Alive Gray may be used profitably as a toner on your bleach customers who normally do not get the more expensive toning treatments.

5. As a Spot Toner

Many times there are sections of the hair which are insufficiently drab after a bleach or toner treatment. The gold spots remaining are usually caused by insufficient bleaching in these areas. You can even the shade somewhat by applying Come Alive Gray to the affected areas. This will last until the next treatment. Use White Sapphire on extremely light shades of hair and Silver Diamond on the deeper Silver or Ash colors.

If areas are extremely brassy, do not rinse hair after application of Come Alive Gray. Otherwise, give an after-rinse of clear water. Remember . . . this will not permanently correct this problem. In order to even the color on the strand, you will have to apply bleach to the affected areas.


All three Come Alive Colors have become important additions to the field of temporary rinses because they offer more color without the coated or heavy look some products produce. Use them to achieve more perfect results when the following effects are desired.

Brilliant highlights for natural or tinted hair the same shade Color coverage or blending of gray hair with natural shade Like Come Alive Gray Rinses, Come Alive Colors stay color-true from shampoo to shampoo, leave hair beautifully conditioned, easy for you to comb and set—easy for the patron to handle between shop visits. Here are the color results to be expected from Come Alive Red, Brown, and Blonde.


On Brown hair .. . gives dark reddish highlights (Henna).

On Black hair . .. gives slight reddish highlights (Henna).

On Light Red Hair . .. gives a dark copper shade.

On Dark Red Hair ... gives a dark red shade.

On Gray or White Hair ... gives light copper red shade.

On Blonde Hair .. . gives copper red shade.


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