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Some of the most interesting and fashionable effects in hair styling can be achieved by Frosting, Tipping and Streaking. These treatments frequently serve as an introduction to bleaching or tinting for the woman who is undecided about more complete coloring. The dramatic results obtained from these hair effects add a fresh fashion note for a woman of any age ... from high school girl to the woman beginning to gray.

Frosting, Tipping and Streaking are obtained by lightening parts of the hair with a bleach and allowing the remainder of the hair to retain its darker shade. The hair may be lightened only a few shades or it can be made almost white to give the illusion of gray streaks or tips. Some­ times a toner is used after bleaching.

There are a number of different effects which can be achieved:

  • FROSTING — This gives a light effect all over the hair. Tiny
    strands of hair all over the head are lightened to blend in with the
    darker hair.
  • TIPPING—This gives the same lightening effect as Frosting but
    is confined to the front of the head ... 2 or 3 inches back from the
  • STREAKING—In Streaking, bleach is applied to one, two, three
    or four attractively placed broad streaks of hair around the face.
    Streaking is quite different from Frosting or Tipping where the
    bleach is applied only to tiny strands rather than broader streaks.
  • SUN TIPS BY CLAIROL—a quick easy method for lightening
    hair around face.

This type of bleaching requires skilled and careful application. It is most important for the bleaching to appear casual so that the streaks or tips blend in with the darker hair. If the bleaching looks patterned, the natural effect is destroyed.


Blue Lightening, Clairol's all-purpose powder bleach is recommended for most of this type of bleaching. It decolorizes dark hair in the shortest amount of time and works quickly even on resistant hair.


The preliminary preparation and mixing of the bleach are the same for Sun Tips, Frosting, Tipping and Streaking.


  • Do not shampoo hair. Bleach is applied to dry hair.
  • Use Blue Lightening Fashion Foils or cut aluminum foil into pieces
    4 inches by 5 inches for use in separating hair strand to be bleached,
    unless bleaching cap method is preferred.
  • Study hair style for most attractive lightening effects.


Mix two or three tablespoons of Blue Lightening in a glass or plastic dish with enough Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer to make a creamy paste. The amount of developer may be varied to give the thick­ ness preferred.

Do not prepare bleach until you are ready to use it.


For a quick method of tipping and frosting, some shops prefer to use a bleaching cap. These plastic caps come with the perforations or holes already made to simplify the job.

With a fine crochet needle pull hair through the holes. Apply bleach heavily to strands with a brush. Wrap entire head with a large sheet of aluminum foil or cover with a plastic cap which usually comes with the bleaching cap. Bleaching may be hastened by placing patron under a dryer. When strands are bleached to desired shade, rinse off bleach while bleaching cap is still on. Then remove the cap carefully and shampoo with the new Clairol Shampoo for Bleached and Toned Hair.

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