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Bleaching Cap Method

Bleaching Cap Method for Tipping or Frosting.


  • Pin up all hair so that it is out of the way, leaving a 1-inch section
    at the nape of the neck.
  • Start at the right of this section and part off a 1-inch square.
  • Pick up hairs with a fine rat-tail comb in this 1-inch square
    section with a darning movement. Weave in and out picking up
    6 to 10 strands depending on the heaviness of the frosting de­
    sired. There should be about 12 hairs in each of these tiny
    strands. As you weave in and out, pick up hairs beneath the top
  • Slip hairs off the comb and place a piece of aluminum foil be­
    neath them ... as close to the scalp as possible.
  • Apply bleach to hair, starting x/i inch away from the scalp. To
    avoid seepage, put a little piece of cotton next to it. Fold foil to
    cover hair. Flatten foil and fold up from bottom two or three
    times without twisting. Now that this strand has been prepared
    continue across the bottom row of hair preparing 1-inch strands.
  • Next start on a layer of hair just above the bottom layer, but
    pattern rows in checkerboard fashion so that there will be no
    regular, definite pattern in the completed hair style. A loose,
    casual effect is more attractive.

Continue working to the top and front of the head, omitting a layer of hair about % inch in width at the front hairline.

  • Now comb hair at the front hairline away from the face. Part
    hair in 1-inch squares. Continue weaving motion holding comb
    parallel to hairline. Apply bleach and wrap with foil as before.
  • Wipe a little bleach away from a back strand to see if hair has
    lightened sufficiently. If hair is bleached enough, remove foil in
    same pattern as it was applied. If hair is not light enough, adjust
    a hairnet loosely around entire head and put customer under a
    dryer for five minutes or more.
  • Rinse each strand individually in soapy water when bleaching is
    completed to remove bleach and avoid lightening remainder of

  • Apply Clairol toner, according to directions, to bleached strands
    only, if toning is desired.
  • Rinse hair and shampoo at shampoo board.





Part off Hair checkerboard fashion so that bleaching will appear casual.

Pick up tiny strands of hair with a darning movement.

Slip hairs off the comb and place a piece of aluminum foil beneath them.


Tipping is done just like Frosting, only it is confined to the front of the

head ... 2 or 3 inches back from the forehead.

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