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Begin bleaching at the back of the area and work toward hairline.

Apply bleach and proceed as for Frosting.


A Quick, Easy Method for Lightening Hair At The Hairline

1. Part hair lengthwise, beginning in front center of the head. Part off

section ⅛ inch wide and 2½ inches in length. Hold strand up vertically from head.


  • Place a Fashion Foil or a piece of aluminum foil, folded in a tri­
    angle, in back of strand.
  • Apply bleach with a brush beginning ½ inch away from scalp.
  • Close foil and fold to scalp.
  • Part off a second strand ½ to 1 inch away from the first. The closer
    the strands the lighter the final effect. Apply bleach to second
    strand and continue parting and applying bleach until you reach
    the ear. Then proceed on the other side. If you wish, you can extend
    bleaching to back of head.
  • Remove foils in the same order that they were applied when hair is
    sufficiently bleached. To hasten bleaching action, you can adjust
    a hairnet loosely over the head and put patron under dryer for
    five minutes or more.
  • Rinse each individual section in soapy water to remove bleach
    when hair has lightened enough. This preliminary rinsing keeps
    the bleach from spreading and lightening remainder of hair.
  • Now apply Clairol toner according to directions, to bleached
    strands only, if toning is desired.
  • Finally rinse hair thoroughly and shampoo after toning or pre­
    liminary rinsing.


Part hair lengthwise. Place a piece of aluminum foil, folded into a triangle, in back of strand.

Sun Tips


1. Part off strands of hair to be lightened and fasten them with a

clip or bobby pins. The usual amount of hair for each streak is a strand ½ inch in width and 1 to 2 inches in length.

  • Protect hair behind each strand by applying heavy cream sham­
    poo, reconditioning oil or any heavy hair cream. For additional
    protection, place a piece of cotton behind strands to be bleached.
  • Place a Blue Lightening Fashion Foil or a square of aluminum foil
    beneath the strand.
  • Apply bleach to strand, starting ½ inch away from scalp. If ends
    are damaged do not apply to ends until later.
  • Fold foil to cover strand and repeat procedure for remainder of
  • Allow bleach to develop, checking frequently, until strands have
    reached golden blonde stage.
  • Now apply bleach to hair near scalp and to ends, if they have
    been excluded. Close foil and allow bleach to develop until the
    hair is light enough.
  • Unwrap streaks one by one. Dip each streak in a dish of soapy
    water as you unwrap to remove bleach and to avoid bleaching
    remainder of head.
  • If toning is desired, apply Clairol toner according to directions
    to bleached sections.

10. Rinse hair and shampoo at shampoo board.



Part off a few strands of hair around face about l/ 2inch in width and 1 to 2 inches in length.

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