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When you are giving a series of Remov-zit treatments, you may dis­ continue treatments when you find no noticeable change from one treat­ ment to the next.


Remov-zit package consists of two powders packaged separately, one

in a gold and one in a silver envelope. The steps in using them follow:

  • Dissolve the contents of the gold envelope in one ounce of hot or
    boiling water in a glass container. Do not use a metal container.
  • Dissolve the contents of the silver envelope in one ounce of hot
    or boiling water in a second glass container.
  • Now mix the two solutions together in a glass dish and stir.

In a Remov-zit treatment, the number of packages needed depends upon the quantity and length of the hair. Usually two or three of each package are required. It is important to remember that equal quantities of the contents of the gold and silver envelopes must be used. One ounce of hot water must be added for each individual package.

There are occasions when a further diluted solution should be used. These are covered in "110 Case Histories", pages 159 and 166. But for maximum effectiveness in regular color removal, it is important to use the product full strength . . . one ounce of water for each package.

1. Do not brush hair the day treatment is given. Cover patron with a

rubber cape or similar protection and seat at the shampoo basin.

  • Place a towel between the patron and the shampoo board or sink.
    This towel will absorb any excess drippings that flow off the hair.
    No pre-shampoo is necessary.
  • Before application is started, check temperature of mixture to be
    certain it cannot burn patron's scalp or cause discomfort. Apply
    the Remov-zit with a swab or brush. A small paint brush is best.
    Apply to the portions of hair which are to be decolorized.
  • Pile the hair on top of the head. Hair must be saturated until it
    will not absorb any more moisture.
  • Wrap towel that has been used to catch drippings around head. Be
    sure towel is damp. Never wrap dry towel around head as it will
    dry hair.
  • Place the patron under a steamer or heating cap for 30 minutes
    with the towel around head. The heat will hasten the action.
  • Rinse the hair with clear, warm water after 30 minutes. Do not use
    hot water.
  • Shampoo thoroughly with Clairol Shampoo for Bleached and
    Toned Hair.
  • Give a very thorough final rinse with warm water. This final rinse
    is necessary to stop the action. It will, at the same time remove a
    great deal of the odor which results from this type of treatment.
    Odor may be minimized by rinsing hair with a solution of a few
    drops of concentrated oil of lavender in a pint of water.


Twenty-four hours should elapse between the application of Remov-zit

and the use of any tints, bleaches, pomades, lacquers, clips, bobby pins, or wave lotions. This allows time for the maximum action of the dye remover. If less time is taken, it is possible for the hair to darken and sometimes revert to the color it was before the Remov-zit treatment. This necessitates starting the treatment over again.

When a series of Remov-zit treatments is given, it is preferable to space them a few days apart. On the other hand, Remov-zit can follow immediately after Metalex or other treatments. COLORING AFTER A TINT REMOVER TREATMENT

Hair treated with a tint remover will, in some cases, be quite porous

and take coloring more easily. Because of this, when tinting after a tint removing treatment, it may be necessary to use a shade lighter than the final color desired, except when using Miss Clairol which has its own lightening action. On the other hand, some hair becomes resistant to color because of its natural texture. In this case, the tint has to be left on for a longer period and may need pre-bleaching, especially if a shampoo tint will be used.

These factors should be determined by a preliminary strand test. If, during the test, the strand quickly becomes a deeper color or goes black, this indicates that a longer waiting period is necessary before applying the tint or bleach.

If you know in advance that a patron is planning a color change requiring removal of the present tint shade, it is well to give several Metalex treatments first. This will keep the hair in the best possible condition. (See page 90.)

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