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Hair Dressing Terms Glossary

Allergy : A hypersentivity to certain foods, cosmetics, tints or other substances.

Aniline : A coal tar derivative used in penetrating tints.

Bleach : A preparation which lightens the hair by removing the pigmentation.

Bleach Pack: A bleach solution prepared in a thick consistency.

Blending : The process of evening color throughout the hair strand during retouches.

Breakage : A condition in which hair splits and breaks off. Caused by over-bleaching, improper per­manent waving.

Certified Color: A temporary coloring which coats the hair. No patch test is necessary when certified col­ors are used.

Coating : Residue left on the outside of the hair shaft.

Color Mixing : Mixing two shades of Miss Clairol together for an in-between color.

Color Test : The process of washing or drying a strand of hair to determine progress during tinting or bleaching.

Coverage : Coloring gray or white hair.

Decolorization : Removal of color from hair.

Developer : Clairoxide, Pure White Creme Developer or a 20-vol. peroxide which is mixed with tints, dyes and bleaches to produce final results.

Development Time : Time needed to develop the color or the

bleach. It begins at completion of applica­tion.

Discoloration : Development of an undesired color.

Drab : A shade which contains no red or gold tones. To drab hair means to remove red and gold tones from hair.

Frosting : Lightening small sections of hair through­out the head.

Hair Color Bath : Miss Clairol—a permanent color. Lightens, colors, conditions and shampoos in one ap­plication.

Highlighting : Brightening the appearance of hair by adding color tones.

Line of Demarcation : A streak caused by overlapping on previous­ly tinted hair. Not possible with Miss Clairol.

Metallic Dyes : Permanent color which contains metal salts.

Over-lap : The condition caused when the bleach or tint runs down the hair strand during a re­touch.

Oxidation : The development of the tint after Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer is added.

Patch Test : A test given 24 hours prior to a tint treatment to ascertain whether or not a patron is allergic or hyper-sensitive to the tint. It is required by law.

Penetrating Tint : A tint which penetrates into hair shaft and deposits color permanently.

Pepper and Salt: A term used for hair that has a mixture of pigmented and white strands.

Peroxometer : A device which measures the strength of hydrogen peroxide.

Plastic Applicator : Pliable, squeeze bottle used for the appli­cation of Clairol tints, toners, bleaches and shampoos —■ eliminating the use of dish, comb, brush or swab. Nozzles are available to suit product consistency.

Porosity : The condition of hair that makes it absorb moisture easily.

Powder Bleach : A strong, fast-acting bleach used for spe­cial bleaching.

Pre-Bleaching : The process of removing some color from the hair before a tint. Not necessary with Miss Clairol Hair Color Bath. The term is also used when highly decolorizing before applying the Blonde Toners.

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