Hair Color Info
Advice & information on choosing the right hair color,
hair color products and general hair health.

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Pre-Softening : The application of a bleach solution for a short period of time in order to make hair more porous and less resistant to color. Not necessary with Miss Clairol Color Bath.

Problem Hair: Hair difficult to tint, bleach or permanent wave.

Reconditioning: The process of improving the condition of the hair.

Resistance :. The condition of hair that makes it difficult for solutions to penetrate the hair strand.

Retouch :. The process of coloring the new growth on tinted or bleached hair.

Rinse : A temporary haircoloring such as Come Alive Gray.

Shampoo Tint: A penetrating tint which contains, in addi­tion to color, a superfine liquid shampoo that cleanses the hair as it colors.

Skin Test : Same as Patch Test.

Soap Cap :. The process of diluting tint with shampoo or water and working it through the head like a shampoo.

Spot Bleaching : Applying bleach only to dark areas to even out color.

Spot Tinting : Applying tint to areas insufficiently colored in order to produce even results throughout.

Strand Test : A preliminary test given before a coloring treatment on a single strand of hair. It is used to predetermine the mixture and devel­opment time required during the reatment.

Streaking : Lightening from two to four strands at the hairline.

Streaks : Dark or light areas on hair caused by improper application of tint or bleach.

Stripping : The removal of artificial color from the hair.

Sun Tips : An exclusive Clairol method of lightening hair around face. Combination of tipping and streaking.

Texture : Refers to the thickness of hair, and whether it is soft, harsh or wiry.

Tint : A preparation which colors hair permanently

Toner : A delicate tint which is applied to highly bleached hair to produce blonde shades.

Towel Drying : Removal of excess water with towel.

Vegetable Color :A coloring which coats the hair and is de­rived from henna, sage or indigo.

Virgin Hair:Hair not previously treated with tints, bleaches, or permanents.

White Henna : A magnesium carbonate added to hydrogen peroxide in order to thicken the bleach solu­tion into a pack.

Conditioner: Any product applied to hair to restore oils, sheen, elasticity and manageability.

Filler :Tint or other product used to temporarily provide fill for porous spots in hair during chemical treatments such as permanent wav­ing, bleaching.

Hair Lightener : Bleach product used to decolorize hair to varying degrees.

Hair Shaft : Visible part of each strand of hair. It is made up of an outer layer called the cuticle, an innermost layer called the medulla, and an in-between layer called the cortex. The cortex layer is where color changes are made by modern penetrating tints such as Miss Clairol.

Pigment : Coloring matter, either natural or artificial. Red, gold, brown, or a combination thereof.

Tipping : Tiny strands of hair to the front of the head are lightened to blend in with the darker hair.

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