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2. When patron's hair feels coated from using color sprays, lacquers or similar products, always make a strand test or test curl before giving a tint, bleach or permanent wave.



3. No pre-shampooing is necessary. Apply Metalex freely to full length of hair with a piece of cotton or small paint brush.


4. Work Metalex through hair until entire head is thoroughly saturated. When application is finished, pile the hair on top of the head and wrap head with sheet of waxed paper.

5. Place patron's head under a steamer or heating cap for 30 minutes. Heat speeds up the action of Metalex. Then rinse out Metalex with warm water, (it rinses out quickly and easily) and shampoo.

If Metalex is used to correct a specific problem such as removal of coating, staining or discoloration, the treatments may be given daily, if necessary, until the problem is corrected.

Single Metalex treatments may be given from time to time before the weekly shampoo.


A new product that eliminates many of the conventional steps in hair- conditioning treatments has recently been developed by Clairol. It is called Hair-So-New. When you use Hair-So-New, you feel the improve­ ment of the hair quality instantly.

Hair-So-New is applied to the hair like an ordinary setting lotion, but in the very act of setting the hair it also instantaneously conditions it. Hair-So-New eliminates the need for creme rinses, setting lotions and, in many instances, does away with the need for ordinary oil treatments.

It serves as a creme rinse, conditioning treatment and setting lotion— all in one. It gives the hair a new sheen as it sets it, and the results can be seen and felt immediately.

The lotion actually combines chemically with the hair to give it more body, making it easier to set and helping the set last longer. It also eliminates snarls and tangles caused by shampooing—making hair more manageable and easy to comb. The conditioning action takes place under the drier. The drier serves the purpose of the heating cap used in most conditioning treatments.

Hair-So-New is recommended for hair that has been bleached, sun- bleached, permanent-waved or tinted, but not for coated hair. Unlike most creme rinses, it does not strip color from hair. It makes permanent waves take and hold better. It is on damaged hair, particularly, that Hair-So-New shows most dramatic results. It restores elasticity and life to hair that is damaged from over-bleaching or permanent waving.


Hair-So-New is applied immediately after a thorough shampoo. The new push-button dispenser makes application easy.

In order to obtain the best possible results, it is absolutely essential to remove all the soap from the hair before Hair-So-New is applied.

Hair-So-New is applied to wet hair from which the excess moisture has first been removed by wrapping a towel around the patron's head for a few seconds.

The following are the steps to be followed in applying Hair-So-New:

1. Apply Hair-So-New on the ends of the hair first and then on the crown of the head, using just enough to give a smooth, silky feel­ing. About one-half ounce of the lotion should be enough.

  • Run a comb through the hair, distributing the lotion evenly
    throughout all the strands. You will notice that snarls and tangles
    instantly disappear.
  • Do not rinse. Hair-So-New remains on the hair and acts as your
    setting lotion.
  • Set and dry the hair in the usual manner.


Some hair-colorists have found that they can achieve superb condi­ tioning results by following a Metalex treatment with an immediate application of Hair-So-New.


Creme Hairdress and Conditioner

Vitapointe is the extra light white creme hairdress that is preferred by haircolorists everywhere because it adds the perfect finishing touch to all shades of tinted and toned hair. Never greasy, the creme vanishes . . . only the glow remains to give hair coloring greater beauty and sheen than any other hairdressing. Vitapointe used after hair has been tinted and set and dried, is absolutely safe. It will not strip even the most delicate toner color.

Hairdressers also prefer Vitapointe's light, white creme for use on gray hair. Unlike many other hairdressings, it does not yellow gray.

All hair types benefit by regular use of Vitapointe Creme Hairdress. It is relied upon by more women than any other hairdressing to:

  • Add beautiful lustre and sheen
  • Condition problem hair
  • Keep hair manageable, easy to comb

For this reason, Clairol packages Vitapointe in a special 1% oz. resale tube as well as the professional jar. These tubes may be purchased by your shop in an attractive 1 dozen display dispenser that reminds you to promote Vitapointe for home hair care between settings... helps earn extra money for your shop. When you suggest it, tell your patrons it contains complete, easy-to-follow directions and demonstrate its use during comb-outs.


This attractive Vitapointe display dispenser holds 12 resale tubes and comes filled and ready to set up at your appointment desk. 1/2 pound professional jar of Vitapointe is for shop use only.


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