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For a light delicate tone:

¾ oz. Red Fashion Color

¾ oz. Lady Clairol

3 oz. Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer

Virgin Hair.

1. Pre-bleach the hair as you would for Silver or Ash Blonding (See
Chapter 9).

Hair must be lightened to the Gold or Yellow stage. Use Lady Clairol and when necessary, Lady Clairol when Lightening Booster. Shampoo, rinse, and towel-dry.

  • Part the hair in four equal sections.
  • Apply the mixture to the back portion first. Start 1 inch from the
    roots and apply down to the ends of the hair shaft. Be sure that the
    ends are thoroughly saturated with the mixture.
  • Return to the root area immediately and apply the mixture ½ inch
    further up the shaft. Do not go all the way to the scalp. Keep ½
    inch away.
  • Allow the tint to develop for a few minutes. Keep testing until the
    ends begin to hold color.
  • Apply to root area when the color on the ends seems to be deep
    enough. However, if test strand shows shaft is throwing off color,
    in order to avoid having the roots redder or deeper than the ends,
    dilute the balance of the mixture to be applied to the roots with
    an equal amount of Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer.
  • Pour enough of the mixture through the entire head to blend color.
    Comb through hair until color is even from the scalp to the ends,


1. Apply to back portion of head first, starting 1 inch away from roots, and apply down to ends of hair shaft.

2. Apply ½ inch further up the hair shaft. Be sure to keep ½ inch away from scalp during this application.

3. Dilute remaining tint with equal amount of Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer and work through entire head. Comb and blend until even. Then give soap cap and final rinse.

  • Test frequently. The longer the Red color develops, the deeper the
    final color will be.
  • Add an equal amount of Clairol Shampoo for Bleached and Toned
    Hair to whatever amount remains in the applicator when the hair
    has reached the shade you desire. Work gently into a soap cap.
    (If no tint remains, apply just enough shampoo directly to the
    hair to make a soap cap.)

10. Rinse thoroughly and give a light shampoo. Retouch

  • Pre-bleach the hair on the new growth only.
  • Apply the color mixture in exactly the same manner as for virgin


If your customer wishes to change from a blonde to a redhead, the formula to use is:

¾ oz. Red Fashion Color

¾ oz. Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer

After pre-bleaching the new growth, apply as you would a Red Silver Toner.

On the next application you can avoid pre-bleaching by using the regular formula:

¾ oz. Red Fashion Color

¾ oz. Lady Clairol

3 oz. Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer

Use this formula on all future applications. PATCH AND PRELIMINARY STRAND TESTS

It is important to remember that a preliminary patch test must be given before the application of Red Fashion Color.

A preliminary strand test is also important to determine the proper color and the length of time necessary to leave the Red Fashion Color on the hair. Mix ½teaspoon Red Color, ½teaspoon Lady Clairol and 2 teaspoons Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer. Apply this to a small strand of hair. If breakage or discoloration results, recondi­ tioning before coloring will be necessary.



  • Always keep partly used bottles tightly closed.
  • Be sure tint and peroxide are at room temperature when used.
  • For best results, use fresh Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer.
    Both are superior, stabilized 20-volume hydrogen peroxide.

4. Be sure to use a good bland shampoo that does not strip color from the hair. Clairol Shampoo for Bleached and Toned Hair is ideal for this purpose.


  • Don't use metallic mixing dish. Use plastic or glass mixing bowl or
    plastic applicator.
  • Don't keep any mixture after Lady Clairol or developer has been
  • Don't use Salon Formula Red Fashion Color as an eyelash or eye­
    brow dye.
  • Don't use if there are any openings or abrasions on scalp.

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