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Part hair in four equal sections. Make parallel partings for tint ap­plication.

Part hair and apply Miss Clairol with plastic applicator.

cator, swab sticks, cotton, shampoo, a complete selection of tint products, bleaching materials, hydrogen peroxide, manufacturer's color charts. You will also need tint brushes. It is most important to use the right kind of brush. The best brush for tinting is a narrow, fibre brush. Nylon brushes have a tendency to irritate the scalp and cause hair damage. In order to get a brush narrow enough, it is usually necessary to split an ordinary fibre brush in two.


The Clairol Plastic Applicator makes the application of Miss Clairol much more efficient. It takes the place of dish, comb, brush or swab. The applicator holds the mixture and the nozzle, like the rat-tail comb, is used for parting.

Pour Miss Clairol and developer into special Miss Clairol applicator. Then cover the top of the applicator with your gloved hand and turn it over gently four or five times.

If you are using a Creme Formula the mixture will turn into a thick, heavy cream. The more you turn the bottle, the thicker the creme be­ comes. Test thickness by squeezing small portions gently through the nozzle.


For tinting, part hair in four equal sections according to diagram. White lines indicate parallel partings for tint application.

If you use plastic applicator to apply tint, hold applicator firmly in the palm of your hand and make partings with the tip of the nozzle.

Pick up strand of hair with your free hand and hold away from the head at such an angle as to expose roots or new growth.

Now place the nozzle point over the new growth. Gently squeeze the applicator and apply the mixture liberally. Part hair and apply mixture in applicator from right to left. Make new parting on return motion from left to right.


  • Protect your patron from being splashed by the tint preparations.
    Tint can permanently discolor clothing. It is advisable before coloring
    to have your customer remove her blouse or dress to prevent staining.
    See that she is well protected with a towel and a plastic or a rubber cape.
  • Make a careful scalp examination to see that there are no abra­
    sions, eruptions, or open wounds. Never proceed with tinting if any
    of these conditions exist.


Penetrating tints and dyes must be mixed with a developer. This developer is hydrogen peroxide. In all tint work a good, fresh, stable 20-volume hydrogen peroxide like Clairoxide or Pure White Creme Developer must be used.

Since hydrogen peroxide is a very unstable compound, great care should be taken in its purchase, storage, and use. Purchase your peroxide


Protect your patron with towel and plastic cape.

only from a reputable manufacturer. Clairoxide and Clairol Pure White Creme Developer will remain stable in an unopened bottle for more than three years.

Peroxide may be purchased in either a gallon, pint, or 4-ounce size. For tinting or bleaching, it is always preferable to buy the pint size. When used from a gallon bottle, peroxide may weaken because of the exposure to air and impurities in opening and closing the bottle.

If there is any change in the strength of the peroxide from one treat­ ment to the next there also will be a change in the tone of the final shade. When there is doubt about the strength of the peroxide, it may be checked with an instrument called a Peroxometer or Hydrometer. Re­member that anything less than 17-volume peroxide will not give a satisfactory result. Anythting more than 20-volume peroxide may impair the quality of the hair. For best results, Clairoxide, Pure White Creme Developer or 20-volume peroxide should always be used .

Be sure to mix your tints or bleaches with developer immediately be­ fore application. Do not allow the prepared mixtures to stand for any length of time, or they will lose their strength in the dish.

WARNING: Never store any tint or bleach after it has been mixed with developer; it may burst. Any mixture remaining after treatment must be discarded.


As tinting materials are affected by heat, light, and cold, great care should be taken in storing them. Select a room with an even, normal temperature, not exposed to sunlight. Keep your tint supplies away from radiators and other heating elements. Have your merchandise well marked and keep a record of your inventories so that you will not run out of needed materials.

This is a Peroxometer. It will test the strength of your developer. Use only good, fresh 20-volume Hydrogen Peroxide.

Be sure tint, bleach materials and developer are at room temperature when used.


Every beauty establishment should keep complete records of each treatment given to a patron. This is especially true of tint patrons.

Properly kept tint records can be extremely helpful and lead to more professional work. First of all, they give you a permanent record and reference to guide you in your future colorings. They also impress your customer with your professional conduct and the personalized nature of your services.

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