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EXHAUSTIVE research in Clairol’s laboratories has shown that there is a distinct difference in tinted hair and bleached and toned hair. You should know and understand these differences in order to give these two hair types the care they require to keep them in good condition, keep hair color alive and fresh.


Tinted hair is more heavily pigmented than bleached and toned hair. Yet it has undergone enough pre-softening so that ordinary shampoos will strip it. Tinted hair retains more of its strength and elasticity, more natural oils, and so needs less conditioner in a shampoo. Yet it requires more gentle handling than naturally pigmented, untreated hair.



Bleached and toned hair is extremely delicate. Most of the natural pigment has been bleached away. The hair is left porous and easily penetrated by shampoos that strip color. It is often spongy and easy to break when wet... hard to comb and set. It requires extremely gentle cleansing action and the nourishment of rich conditioning ingredients to look and behave best.


Clairol Shampoo for Tinted Hair (Green) is specially formulated so it will not strip color on hair treated with Miss Clairol Hair Color Bath or with dyes, tints or color shampoos. It has greater cleansing action be­ cause tinted hair is stronger and more heavily pigmented than bleached and toned hair. Because tinted hair is less porous than bleached and toned hair, less conditioning action is needed.

Clairol Shampoo for Bleached and Toned Hair (Blue) is specially formulated so it will not strip even the most delicate shades. So gentle, it provides extra conditioning action vital to this more fragile, more porous hair type with its lighter pigmentation.

New Clairol Shampoos are a revolutionary new concept that takes into account the different structure and the needs of these two hair types. They do what no single shampoo can do—Clairol Shampoos positively will not strip color from tinted hair or bleached and toned hair because each is perfectly balanced to perform all the functions of a superior shampoo:

  • Cleanses better
  • Conditions better
  • Makes richer lather in hard or soft water
  • Rinses easily
  • Leaves hair silky-soft, easy to manage
  • Removes dandruff with XD-7, Clairol's new anti-dandruff agent
  • Adds lustrous highlights to enhance hair color

8. Economical—each 16 oz. bottle of concentrate makes a full gallon of shampoo


Clairol Shampoos need not be limited to tinted hair and bleached and toned hair. You will find them of great help in improving many hair and scalp problems such as those listed below. For mild cases, use Clairol Shampoo for Tinted Hair (Green). For more advanced cases, use milder Clairol Shampoo for Bleached and Toned Hair (Blue).

  • Hard-to-rinse hair with dry scaly scalp
  • Dry, porous over-permanented hair
  • Very fine hair, hard to handle when wet
  • Damaged hair, left lifeless and brittle
  • Hair dry and porous from over-exposure to sun and salt water